Hi there! I'm Mélanie Mós.

I’m a Portuguese who doesn't have a moustache, doesn’t like coffee but loves a good glass of wine!

I was born in Switzerland, but I came back to Portugal at a very young age because my Portuguese parents were feeling homesick. I’ve been travelling since a little girl and now I have my own van so I can have a different perspective on popular and not-so-popular cities.

I also love to chat (so we can totally have a meeting to get to know each other), sing and write texts that are not boring. Probably my favourite thing about having my own business is seeing my clients' products grow in another market, especially ethical products that make a difference in the world.

I have a Master's Degree in Translation

I’m member 523 of APTRAD

Experience as an in-house English and French to Portuguese translator, Portuguese Proofreader and Copywriter

I’m a full-time freelancer since 2020. I’m currently co-working with my two adorable dogs and a lot of plants.

My clients come from different areas such as Fashion, Sustainability, Tourism, Hospitality, Lifestyle, and according to them I’m:

Friendly, Reliable, Professional.

Check my services to see how I can help you in a creative way!