It’s 2019, you’re by yourself just walking on the streets, smiling, listening to music in your earphones, and suddenly you’re stopped by a fortune teller. This woman tells you that 2020 will be a year full of big changes. You laugh, roll your eyes, and think, “well, that’s a good guess”.


I believe we all wanted a fortune teller to tell us something like this about 2020 – probably something more specific – so we could prepare for this unexpected year.


I know I needed some preparation! 2020 was probably the year that changed me the most in many ways.




One of the biggest changes that happened in my life was the transition from being an in-house translator to having my own business. After a year of working as an in-house, I decided to thrive on my own. I decided this 2 weeks before the pandemic hit Portugal, good timing, right?


I know this will sound a bit of a cliché, but I wouldn’t want it any other way! I won’t lie there are some chaotic days, and sometimes you work more than you expected, but it’s so good to have direct contact with amazing products and brands, and do it on your own terms.


I love my job even more now because I see my clients’ brands evolving, and I have chosen to work with people that are really making a difference in the world. Being a freelancer has also helped me find my specializations. I specialize in Marketing, Hospitality and Lifestyle.



freelancer copywriter



The funny thing is that we were in the beginning of a pandemic, I was working from home, I could only leave home to walk my dogs basically, but I, an anxious person, was happier than ever. I had more time for myself, so I started playing the guitar more, practicing Yoga (I should practice it more) and mindfulness.


I’ve also started worrying even more about our planet. The more I read about sustainability, the more I felt the need to take some action. Nowadays, I eat less meat and fish and am more conscious about my choices. I try to shop less and most of the clothes that I shop for are vintage.


2020 was a crazy year full of important choices and steps. 2021 is already my best year ever as a professional translator and Portuguese copywriter so I decided to take another important step: have my own website.


I’ve always dreamt of having my own website and blog, so I could reach more clients and share my tips on topics such as translation and copywriting and traveling so… HERE I AM!



Welcome to my online home. I’ll write in both English and Portuguese.





  1. Max Leite Jan 20 2022 AT 13:54:18

    I know how you feel, I also left an in-house position right before the pandemic hit. At first I was a little worried I might had made a mistake, that it wasn't the best time to leave a secure job, but, man, was I wrong. 2021 was a great year for me professionally as well. Let's hope 2022 follows in its footsteps. Let me ask you, though: have you found this website to be paying off financially?


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