You already have some Marketing texts in English and you want to reach a new audience in a new language?

You may think that the best option to sell your product or service abroad is to transcreate these texts, but sometimes it's not. It may cost you less time and money if you ask for a copywriting quote instead. Luckily for you, many translators (like me) also work as copywriters! 🤓 


But what is Transcreation?

Transcreation (Translation + Creation) is the process of adapting a Marketing text for another target audience instead of just translating it.


What about Copywriting?

Copywriting is the act of writing a text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of Marketing without a source text.


Now you're probably thinking 'Cool. Thanks. But how do I know if I need a Portuguese transcreator or Portuguese copywriter?'



You need a Portuguese copywriter if:


  • The intent of the target text is completely different.
  • The strategy is different (for example, not the same target audience).
  • The source talks about the benefits of a product that is irrelevant to the new target audience.


You need a Portuguese transcreator if:


  • You want to convey a similar message to the source.
  • You want to translate a slogan with a similar campaign in the target country.
  • Your new text needs to comply with general brand guidelines.


Next time you contact a translator to transcreate a text, make sure you research the needs of your new target audience and know what you really want. If this was still too confusing for you, don’t hesitate to contact me with your doubts! I’ll be happy to help. 😊 



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