You’ve finally decided to translate your website into Portuguese or to write your social media posts in Portuguese? Great for you! I’m sure you’re going to find your ideal client in no time. But to make sure that they keep buying from you, don’t forget to also hire a Portuguese proofreader! Now you’re probably thinking: why do I need to spend more money on a Portuguese proofreader? Well, because…


Portuguese is complex 


Although Portuguese is not super hard to learn (depending on your mother tongue) it still has a lot of nuances and particularities that we need to pay attention to. The grammar is not easy at all and the spelling has changed over the years due mainly to the Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement signed in December 1990. So, you need a fresh pair of eyes to make sure that the translator or copywriter followed your briefing and all the grammar and spelling rules correctly.


Everybody makes mistakes


This is a cliché, but it’s also completely true. Even the best Portuguese copywriter or Portuguese translator makes mistakes. Portuguese is complex, and on top of this, our eyes and brain like to play tricks on us. We get tired when we’re translating or copywriting for a while and sometimes, we can’t see typos in our texts or translations. This is completely normal. By asking another person to check the text, you make sure that it has no mistakes and it's perfect (or almost).

Getting a second opinion is also a good idea to better reach your target audience. Imagine that your tone of voice is informal, but the translator or copywriter chooses to address the reader in a formal way (você) instead of an informal way (tu). The Portuguese proofreader can also advise on this.


Save money and time


Don’t just think about the money you’re spending now. Think in the long term! Isn’t it better to avoid mistakes at a previous stage so you don’t have to correct all your texts in the future? This will take more of your money and time. Mistakes can also damage your reputation, and a better text will increase your number of clients.


Hiring a Portuguese proofreader is your decision but just have in mind that although everybody makes mistakes, there are some that you really should avoid, and that can cost your business big time. Remember: better safe than sorry! 😉






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